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The act of accepting one’s need for therapy is a very big step, and so much more. It’s often said that admitting the need for assistance in the first place is the first big step on the road to recovery, but even that might not be giving it enough credit. It’s more like a journey: it’s a passage through a beautiful landscape, with a sinister shadow lurking around every corner, threatening the future of one’s mindful sense of self.

Many people who have walked the path of mindfulness-based addiction recovery report struggling, at first, with feelings of regret and remorse. These feelings reflect limiting beliefs, negative mental states that are strong enough to compel some to continue denying that a problem exists. Fear, doubt, and uncertainty are only three of the many challenges that one must face on the road to asking for help with the process of overcoming addiction. These are all very human behaviors, which most of us exhibit at one point or another over the course of our lives.

Far too many individuals struggle with this first stage of the recovery process. They grapple with the thought of not being able to handle “something that everyone else can handle” on their own. The underlying causal factors behind their condition render them unable to recognize the simple truth that everyone requires assistance with something, at some point: their own challenges stand out as personal failures, to their altered state of perception.?

Meeting Basic Needs: Services & Referrals

With a gauntlet of self-doubt and societal judgment needing to be run, prior to the pursuit of addiction recovery assistance, nothing else ought to be allowed to get in the way. Sadly, many individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders are unable to meet their basic financial needs while going through rehab. This frequently becomes yet another deterrent to those who might otherwise be encouraged to seek out the help that they need.?

People who come to West Coast Recovery Centers for help often require assistance with making ends meet while they are undergoing treatment. This includes basic living expenses which need to be met, such as the cost of rent and groceries. It also includes transportation costs, and the cost of other medications or ongoing medical treatments. Alone, this level of financial assistance can be a daunting prospect to pursue.?

West Coast RC is heavily networked within local outreach programs. This allows for two broad avenues of action in pursuit of financial help for its clientele. First, WCRC can connect individuals with direct sources of temporary financial assistance, which are typically earmarked for the meeting of specific expenses. Second, it can connect with other outreach programs and initiatives, which might have more immediate access to a different set of resources.

Everyone Deserves Assistance

It’s a hard concept for anyone to understand, sometimes, but everyone deserves the chance to lead a successful and fulfilling life. At times, we all require a little help in pursuit of that goal. The strength of a modern society lies in the ability of its individual members to work together for the common good: this is how wars are ended, how innovation triumphs, and how economies flourish.?

Addiction is a growing problem in America today; this reflects on an expansion of underlying socioeconomic concerns which have yet to be effectively addressed, along with a wide range of other contributing factors. However, addiction recovery rates are also improving, and relapses are becoming less common with innovative holistic treatment methods. This, at least, is a positive indicator of better times ahead. All we need to do, in order to reach those times, is to continue working for the common good.

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