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Recovery can be mentally exhausting. You are constantly facing your triggers and cravings head-on, learning how to be the best person you can be for your sobriety and mental health. 

When you are focused on your recovery journey, you may find yourself ignoring the little reasons to celebrate life. While it is important to prioritize your healing, it is just as essential that you find grounding reasons for you to be excited about the days to come. 

While you find yourself celebrating your victories both large and small on your recovery journey, consider looking into national day calendars to spice up your everyday life. Finding little reasons to celebrate life can keep you on track with your mental health and your recovery. 

March 2nd – National World Teen Mental Wellness Day

World Teen Mental Wellness Day aims to normalize conversations surrounding mental health while challenging hurtful stigmas. It sheds a light on the problems that continue to affect teenagers and their loved ones that struggle with mental illness. 

This day encourages teenagers to practice self-care and compassion towards themselves and others. It also specifically recognizes the dangers of social media and portraying a single story, which explains that although social media might make someone’s life look perfect, you can still normalize the fact that it is okay to not be okay. 

Consider surfacing discussions surrounding mental health with any youth or teenagers in your family. This might be a great opportunity to share kindness with teens that might otherwise struggle with their mental health alone. 

March 4th – National Day of Unplugging

Taking place on the first Friday of March, the National Day of Unplugging encourages people to unplug from technology, electronics, and social media for 24 hours. 

If you take a look at your own life, you might have already noticed how much the amount of time you spend on electronic devices has increased in the last several years. Smartphones, gaming systems, computers, and televisions seem to rule the world. By accessing this article, you are in fact using one of these devices right now. While there are great upsides to technology, it is important to disconnect every once in a while. 

Disconnecting from technology allows for a much-needed reset for people that rely on their phones or computers all day. Make a plan ahead of time to turn off all of your electronics for 24 hours. You might find yourself struggling to get through your day. Spread the word and celebrate the #NationalDayOfUnplugging.

March 6th – National Oreo Day

You heard it first hereā€¦ be ready to celebrate this national holiday with a glass of your favorite milk and an oreo cookie in hand! 

You can make this a fun get-together with friends and family and learn all of the many ways your relatives choose to eat their Oreo cookies. Cookies are always a reason to celebrate!

March 14th – National Learn About Butterflies Day

This national holiday encourages awareness of the vast variety of butterflies that exist on the earth. While spring and summer are just around the corner, this day emphasizes the unique beauty of these winged creatures. 

Butterflies are our pollinators, just like the honey bee. Some people neglect to realize the importance of butterflies to not only the survival of our crops but also the survival of humanity. 

On this day, consider reading some information about butterflies or find a nice spot to watch some flutter around. You might even consider planting your own butterfly garden to honor these beautiful insects. Then, every time you are greeted by a butterfly over the summer, you will have fun facts to share and celebrate with others. 

March 30th – National Take A Walk in the Park Day

Any day is a good day to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. This national holiday emphasizes the importance of self-care in nature. After a long, busy winter, it can be therapeutic to find a local trail and take a leisurely walk in the park.

Walking is a great opportunity to make space and clear your mind from any stress or anxiety it may have built up throughout the day. It allows you to connect with your environment, re-energize, and focus on the nature that surrounds you. 

Use this day to celebrate the vast and beautiful nature that surrounds you. Perhaps you invite a friend to take a walk with you, or you bring along your headphones and play your favorite playlist. There are always little reasons to celebrate this life. Make the most of the little things while you can.

While you are deep in your recovery journey, it can be challenging to find reasons to celebrate life. Did you know that there are monthly national calendars that can encourage these small celebrations? While you must prioritize your victories in your sobriety and healing, it is nice to have other reasons to celebrate outside of your recovery. West Coast Recovery Centers understands that finding things to celebrate and be grateful for can be difficult, especially when the beginning of recovery may seem so numbing. It is important that you find ways to connect with yourself, others, and the world around you by celebrating the little things in life. Our treatment facility believes in celebrating sobriety and recovery, and we would love to help guide you on that journey. For more information on how to find little reasons to celebrate life, or for more about our treatment facility, call us (760) 492-6509.