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Different drugs are prevalent at various points in history. Yet, as times change, trends change, and one trend to be on the lookout for is the rise of ketamine use. Ketamine is becoming an extremely popular drug, especially among young adults or college-age groups. Individuals engage in high-risk behaviors at these ages, especially when using ketamine and attending K-hole parties.

Substance use of any kind is dangerous. However, ketamine is typically used in combination with high-risk behaviors. This includes clubbing or raving. Despite the dangers and adverse consequences, many continue to use it. The first step toward seeking treatment and obtaining recovery is understanding the danger. West Coast Recovery Centers can help you do that today.

What Is Ketamine?

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), ketamine is a “short-acting anesthetic with hallucinogenic effects.” These anesthetic properties make it commonly used for short-term medical procedures. However, it also has some dissociative effects, causing it to become a common drug that people use to facilitate sexual assault crimes.

Ketamine can be used in different ways, such as being injected, snorted, or mixed. Additionally, many commonly use it in liquid form, specifically to be combined with other liquids, mainly alcohol.

The dissociative properties of ketamine make people feel detached from many things, and it can also cause memory loss. Additionally, the DEA indicates that it induces a sedative state, causing “immobility, relief from pain, and amnesia.”

Ketamine and Club Drugs

Like any drug or substance, people find inappropriate ways to use ketamine. Some may be trying to dull pain or cope with a traumatic experience, while others are just trying to have a good time, as it has become a common club drug. However, the effects of ketamine use can quickly become dangerous and lead to a substance use disorder (SUD).

Other common club drugs are ecstasy, LSD, and methamphetamines. Club drugs, such as these, are sought out for the effects they cause on the mind and body. These substances are more dangerous though because they are generally made and sold illicitly on the street, as opposed to prescriptions, which are made in a regulated lab.

Some of the effects people experience by using club drugs include:

  • Audiovisual hallucinations
  • Altered perception and mood
  • Impulsivity
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Impulsivity

Additionally, people must consider the added danger of mixing other substances with club drugs. Mixing substances can be catastrophic, leading to life-threatening effects like drug overdose.

How Are People Affected by Ketamine Use?

There are risks associated with ketamine use, just like any other substance. These effects may vary depending on factors including health, body weight, age, and other substances someone is taking.

Most individuals are recreationally using ketamine for its short-term effects. Yet, even the short-term effects of ketamine can become dangerous quickly. Some of the potential effects ketamine use can have, according to the DEA, include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Muscle stiffening
  • Dissociation
  • Salivation and nausea
  • Unresponsiveness to stimuli
  • A “mellow and colorful” experience
  • Involuntary and rapid eye movement
  • Dilated pupils and tear secretion
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Distorted perceptions, sights, and sounds

People are typically attracted to the short-term effects of ketamine use. However, many fail to acknowledge the potential long-term impact. Some of the other potential long-term effects people may experience from ketamine use include:

  • Impaired memory
  • Reduced liver and kidney function
  • Development of other mental health conditions
  • Ketamine bladder syndrome, which can cause damage to the urinary tract
  • Potential for overdose, often leading to unconsciousness or death

What Is a K-Hole?

More and more individuals are experimenting with ketamine as K-holes are becoming increasingly common. A K-hole is a powerful encounter that many describe as an out-of-body or near-death experience. It causes people to feel a blissful and colorful experience where they believe they have met a deity or higher power.

K-hole parties have also become common. The danger is that when everyone is under the influence, no one can call for help if an overdose or adverse reaction occurs. People put themselves in severe jeopardy at these K-hole parties. Meanwhile, aside from those who attend these groups, what groups of people are more likely to experience such damaging consequences of ketamine?

Ketamine Use on College Campuses – Seek Help Today

As mentioned, ketamine is a consistently growing concern on college campuses. More college students are attending K-hole parties, experimenting with ketamine, and putting themselves at risk as a result. If you are a college-aged adult struggling with ketamine or are the parent of one, educate yourself on the risks immediately. We want you to know that there are many treatment options to help this struggle.

Contact West Coast Recovery Centers to learn about those options. Understand the long-term risks before making impulsive decisions surrounding ketamine use today.

Different drugs are popular at different points in history. One drug in particular that is causing havoc across the country, especially among college-aged adults, is ketamine. Ketamine is a drug that causes short-term anesthetic and hallucinogenic effects. It also causes people to dissociate and memory loss, which is why it has, unfortunately, become a common drug used to perpetuate sexual assault crimes. Furthermore, individuals can quickly overdose, which makes calling for help nearly impossible when using ketamine with a group of people. Thankfully, there is help available for anyone struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD) to ketamine. To learn more about the dangers of ketamine use or seek treatment, call West Coast Recovery Centers at (760) 492-6509 today. 

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