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Addiction treatment has revolved around the 12-step model for decades, and this approach has helped many addicts achieve a successful life of sobriety. However, the 12-step program does not work as effectively for everyone. Some clients may find alternative modalities or treatments are more successful in helping them overcome their addictions. At West Coast Recovery Centers in Oceanside, we understand the need for personalized treatment programs, which is why we offer a number of alternative modalities in addition to the traditional 12-step program.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This type of 12 step alternative treatment examines relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The goal is to identify thought patterns that lead to self-destructive behavior and modify those patterns for healthier coping skills. Learn more Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Similar to cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy approach focuses more on validation or acceptance of uncomfortable thoughts and behaviors. The theory is that once they are identified and accepted, they become easier to change and transformation becomes reality over time.

Trauma Informed Approach

This alternative 12 step modality recognizes trauma symptoms and the impact trauma can have on a person?s life. By realizing the effects of trauma, a client can work through those effects and move forward on the path to recovery.

Somatic Experience

Somatic experiencing is a psychobiological modality that focuses on symptoms of chronic stress and trauma that may be an obstacle in the client’s recovery. By resolving the issue related to the stress or trauma, the obstacle can be removed and recovery can move forward.

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback

This treatment interacts directly with the central nervous system to ?re-program? the brain, allowing it to recover from traumatic events. Neuroptimal neurofeedback sessions typically leave clients feeling calmer and more centered, while doubts and insecurities begin to take a backseat in the treatment process.


This alternative modality features a specialized type of role playing that helps clients learn to cope with problems in life without turning to substance abuse.


While intrapersonal relationships are the focus of psychodrama, sociometry zeroes in on interpersonal relationships as they apply to recovery. This approach helps clients understand connections with others and group dynamics as a means of adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Music Therapy

Music can often be used to express emotions and feelings more effectively than words. The music therapy alternative uses different types of interactions with music to manage emotional and cognitive issues that are standing in the way of their recovery.

Mindfulness and Meditation

This holistic practice teaches clients to be ?present in the moment? for the purpose of enhancing self-discovery. This practice gives clients an increased sense of control over thoughts, feelings and behaviors.


Yoga?is one of the most popular 12 step alternatives. It offers a number of benefits in the recovery process, including lowering stress levels, reducing anxiety and depression and creating a fertile environment for appropriate change to take place.

self-determined recovery from addiction at OceansideAt West Coast Recovery Centers, we understand that treatment is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Our team personalizes the treatment program of each client, taking into account the unique needs and issues involved in the recovery process. To learn more about your treatment options, contact West Coast Recovery Centers at 442-333-6199.