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Development of Positive Relationships Reduces Risk of Substance Abuse, Drug Addiction in North County School District

Escondido North County trauma recovery co-occurring disorderTraumatic experiences are always damaging, but they can be particularly devastating for children, most of whom have yet to develop the coping skills that will help them to overcome and move on from their experience. One of the early markers for future substance addiction is the experience of trauma at a young age, coupled with a lack of trauma-informed therapy. This can lead to the development of unhealthy behaviors, limiting beliefs, and a range of mental health conditions, and it is a strong contributing factor in early-onset drug addiction. It is particularly likely to produce a co-occurring disorder, what was previously known as a dual diagnosis.

The staff and administration of the Escondido School District in North County are taking aim at curbing these statistics in the future. Training is being offered, to teachers and other staff members who come into regular contact with students, which will help them to better counter the ongoing influence of trauma within those students? lives. One of the most crucial elements of this training is the idea of developing positive, strongly supportive relationships with traumatized students, to help them in developing healthy behaviors for managing a wide range of emotional and psychological stress factors.

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One childhood trauma can overwhelm you. Four can multiply your risk of suicide, substance abuse, stroke and cancer. Six or more can lower your life expectancy by 20 years.

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