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Holistic treatment is an alternative form of care in substance use recovery, often used in conjunction with traditional forms of therapy. Substance use experiences alternate differently from person to person, and there are often co-occurring health disorders that affect each person uniquely. Since there is no one-set solution in substance use treatment, alternative methods, like holistic healing, are implemented for a personalized approach. Holistic treatment can be a critical approach, as it helps heal the entire person.

Understanding Holistic Treatment

Recovery looks different for each person. The term holistic refers to the entire person; holistic treatment focuses on the mind and body for complete healing. Holistic approaches are opportunities to attend to your mental and physical needs with various modalities.

Holistic treatment integrates physical, spiritual, and mental models. They construct a comprehensive routine to best suit individual needs. When holistic approaches are used in treatment, they are designed to complement the existing recovery process. The healing methods provide direct response and reaction to all areas of the body. Holistic options are fantastic for helping people achieve long-term recovery as they create a deep analysis to understand substance use.

Holistic healing therapies restore complete health and complement treating specific symptoms with traditional methods. Adding multiple modalities and techniques offers a broad range of effective substance use treatment options for each situation and circumstance.

How Is Holistic Treatment Used in Recovery?

Holistic treatment is used in recovery to ensure each person receives a personalized approach to help them find what’s most effective for their recovery path. Medicinal treatment is not the only answer or often the best recovery solution. Because every individual is unique, each recovery path needs to be uniquely tailored. Holistic treatment is a more natural set of models that fills in the gaps between clinical and medical methods.

Holistic treatment addresses the emotional, physical, spiritual, and overall health of a person. Those who partake in holistic healing work with counselors to identify their unique social skills, spiritual wellness, and treatment options to achieve lasting sobriety. Holistic treatment helps improve cognitive ability, self-awareness, creates positive change and innovation, reduces stress, and increases natural health and wellness, all of which contribute to complete healing and recovery.

Some holistic forms of treatment may include:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Activity therapy
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Creative expression
  • Sound bath therapy
  • Breathwork

The modalities are combined with traditional therapies to create a treatment plan that best suits one’s specific needs.

Are There Benefits Of Holistic Healing In Recovery?

Holistic healing and holistic forms of treatment go hand-in-hand to provide multiple benefits in recovery. Holistic treatment encourages each person to find purpose and fulfillment in their life for complete healing and relief. Those that use the holistic healing abilities in and outside of treatment may find longer-lasting sustainable recovery. The holistic approach focuses on healing the mind and body in a complete balance.

Additional benefits of holistic healing in recovery can include:

#1. Self Acknowledgement and Commitment

A holistic approach helps each person find the motivation to want a balanced life with protection from harm and personal self-improvement. The modalities used in holistic treatment provide education and coping mechanisms to manage a sober life. These may include confidence-building strategies, breathing, meditation techniques, and modalities. Each approach to holistic treatment has a variety of tools to boost self-acknowledgment and personal commitment to maintain long-term sobriety.

#2. Physical Health

Holistic modalities improve physical well-being with exercise, stress management, relaxation, and diet to restore natural and healthy functions. Individuals can find resources to boost their physical health that accompanies the balance of physical and mental well-being.

#3. Mental Healing

Holistic healing modalities put two and two together to get the mind and body functioning simultaneously in a healthy manner. The external environmental training, along with self-reflection and meditation, heal cognitive-behavioral concerns. Those who partake in holistic healing methods find mental stability and coping mechanisms for real-world situations.

#4. Spiritual Connectivity

The definitions behind spiritual connectivity differ from person to person. Holistic healing modalities can connect you with yourself. It significantly connects you with the world around you on a spiritual level. The levels of spiritual connection attribute to personal connections, motivation, and purpose. Each individual finds a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

#5. Personal Identity and Confidence

A part of the recovery process is coming to terms with your sense of identity and your confidence. When you boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, you reconnect with yourself and find your true identity. Holistic modalities help you work through difficult situations and emotions to teach you new skills to boost your self-confidence.

#6. Safe Reflection

Holistic healing is done in a safe environment where individuals can feel safe and secure to grow and connect with themselves. When a person pushes themself in a safe environment, they can acquire structure and confidence.

Finding change within yourself through a holistic approach is challenging, but there is hope. You can conquer substance use and overcome the challenges with guided holistic treatments. At West Coast Recovery Centers, we will help you expose the root of substance use with holistic treatment options. You’ll find encouragement with long-term lifestyle changes through a transformation of mindfulness and healthy habits. Our staff is innovative, open-minded, and offers holistic applications that will best suit your personal needs of recovery. Some of our holistic treatment modalities include yoga, meditation, music therapy, and more. We want you to find happiness and fulfillment with every connection available and believe that your healing is possible through different avenues. You are not broken. We will meet you where you are on the recovery path and provide supportive, educational, and compassionate ways to help you overcome and conquer substance use. If you want to empower change and find inspiration through self-discovery and compassion, contact us at (760) 492-6509.

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