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Humans are born with a creative expression, regardless if it is tapped into or not. All around the world, creativity has made our environment a different place. Creative expression enriches our lives every day. Because of the impression that it leaves on us, using creativity in recovery boosts the recovery process in unique ways. But how is creative expression used in recovery? Are there ways to tap into your creative side while in treatment?

What Is Creative Expression?

Creative expression is a therapy provided to help those suffering from substance use disorders identify their feelings and translate them into other outlets. When someone is under the influence of substances, it numbs more than pain and sadness but also creativity and connections. Creative expression opens the door of freedom for each individual to get back to their creative talents and spirits. Creative expression therapy heals on various levels.

Some creative expression approaches include art therapy, music therapy, journaling, rhythm and sound therapy, writing, drawing, storytelling, ceramics, and more. The creative activities are outlets that help clients understand and cope with substance use disorders. Creative expression gives clients the freedom to explore their true nature.

Creative Expression and Addiction

Contrary to popular belief that substances enhance creativity, research has proven that the creative aspect of our core genetics comes from family nurturing, experiences, personal tolerance, practice, and not through substances. While there is no clear and distinct link between creativity and substance use disorders, individuals likely feel social pressure within the creative industries leading them to substance use rather than the creative aspects subjugating them towards substance abuse. The misconception of creativity has led many people into a world of substance abuse, and occasionally, death.

A Holistic Approach to Treatment

Creative expression is a holistic approach to treatment that can help clients identify themselves and validate a meaning of themselves. The roles of creative expression in recovery are a holistic approach because not every situation is the same; each person’s recovery process is unique. Creative expression uses various images and symbols to help express complex and challenging emotions and memories that can be easily translated.

Creative expression is a way to connect thoughts and feelings with a simple translation. Many people in recovery find a creative way of releasing powerful emotions in a structured environment that can help lead towards recovery progress as long as it’s used in a positive direction.

Each individual who suffers from a substance use disorder recovers in their own way. It is essential for substance use treatment programs to offer various therapeutic approaches along the lines of creative expression.

A Non-Verbal Approach to Therapy

Creative expression plays a significant element in healing and recovery. While in recovery, many emotions, such as shame and guilt, will begin to emerge. Some of these feelings may not have been felt or recognized in many years. These emotions will need an outlet. Placing them safely into the confines of creative expression can allow individuals to heal. The focus on the different activities revolving around creative expression helps people who are uncomfortable putting their thoughts and feelings into words into a creative approach. Then, their thoughts and feelings can be understood through their art.

Creative therapy outlets can help people who struggle with substance use express themselves and release their bottled-up emotions in a way talk therapy sometimes cannot. When a client is introduced to creative expression outlets in recovery, any unresolved sadness and pain can have direction with a nonverbal outlet.  It can help explore unresolved concerns through art rather than through conversation. There are various creative expression outlets to help people expand themselves non-verbally, including painting and drawing.

The Benefits of Creative Expression

Creative expression approaches allow you to explore aspects of life and better understand yourself and your experiences and feelings to push you in a positive direction of recovery. Creative expression can help you through the recovery process because you become more in tune with yourself and those around you. Creative expression can also help:

  • Heal past trauma
  • Improve work performance
  • Optimize focus
  • Encourage playfulness
  • Work through shame
  • Reduce stress

Unleashing Your Creativity

You can upgrade your creative side by finding a creative element that resonates with you and can help regulate your emotions. You can find activities that don’t trigger your shame and offer you a chance for healing with positive steppingstone guidance. Creative expression will increase your carefree and freedom-like side that supports coping with any unattended emotions and thoughts. In addition, creative approaches will make you feel more fulfilled and present while connecting you to yourself and optimizing your focus on recovery.

Creative expression can significantly benefit the healing process of those recovering from addiction. It allows for a nonverbal and translatable communication approach to addiction recovery. For those that have a difficult time articulating their experiences or emotions, creative expression helps validate feelings. It can also help you pursue your recovery path. At West Coast Recovery Centers, we offer various creative expression therapeutic outlets to help you through recovery. We hold creative art groups weekly with multiple approaches. Our program is designed to open you up to yourself without a verbal process. You will learn how to practice stress-reducing techniques and identify your creative side with inspiration and confidence, all while continuously pursuing a healthy recovery path. If you struggle with substance use or want to build on your reflection of life with a creative outlet, then we are here for you. For more information, contact West Coast Recovery Centers today at (760) 492-6509.

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