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Struggling with a heroin addiction can be extremely difficult to experience and to witness a loved one go through. It’s important to seek out heroin addiction treatment sooner rather than later to ensure that the addiction doesn’t continue to get worse. 

You might think that it can be easier to try the detox at home by yourself. However, this can be dangerous. Reaching out to a professional for treatment should be the first step. Here at West Coast Recovery Centers, we ensure a safe and welcoming environment in sunny California with some of the most stunning views. We are here to help during this challenging time in your life. 

What Does a Heroin Addiction Look Like?

Heroin is an extremely addictive drug that can alter brain chemistry. It is an opioid that comes from the opium poppy plants in Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Colombia. Heroin comes in multiple forms, such as powder or a sticky black tar that can be known as black tar heroin. There are also a few different ways that people use heroin, such as injecting it, sniffing, or snorting it as well. 

Over time misuse of heroin can cause a tolerance, which is when the addiction has fully started. You will also notice that the use of heroin is starting to affect your ability to take the cause of daily responsibilities such as going to work, school and taking care of your kids.

The First Step for Heroin Addiction Treatment: Detox

The detoxification process is, in most cases, the first step in treatment. This can also be one of the most challenging steps in heroin addiction treatment because of the intense withdrawal symptoms. Trying to detox at home alone, especially with a heroin addiction, can be extremely dangerous. Not only can the withdrawal symptoms be uncomfortable, but they can also cause harm or a relapse. 

Withdrawal symptoms you may experience during a heroin detox include the following:

  • Sleep issues 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Muscle and bone pain 
  • Sudden cold flashes 
  • Severe cravings

It’s important to seek out treatment sooner rather than later because you can potentially reduce the risk of very intense withdrawal symptoms. It is best to reach out to a medical professional when starting your detox process. 

Medications Used for Heroin Addiction Treatment

There are a few different forms of treatment that can help with heroin addiction, and certain medications are one. Using medications during treatment can help lower the rates of relapse and ease the withdrawal symptoms. 


This medication is a non-opioid designed to reduce the effects of heroin detox withdrawal symptoms. This can be helpful for very severe withdrawal symptoms to ensure a smoother detox program. 


This medication is a slow-acting opioid that can help to reduce the effects of heroin withdrawal. This can be beneficial for people who don’t respond well to other medications given to them during treatment. Methadone is taken orally to ensure that it reaches the brain slowly. 


This medication can help reduce the feelings of drug cravings without providing the “high” of other opioids. 


Naltrexone helps to block the action of opioids without being sedating or addictive. However, compared to the other medications, it has a much lower rate of effectiveness. 

Other Treatments for Heroin Addiction Treatment

Along with the medications provided for detox and treatment, there are a few other treatments and forms of therapy that can help in heroin addiction treatment. For example, addressing any mental health disorders that might exist at the same time can improve the treatment process. If you’re struggling with a co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety along with your heroin addiction, it can make the chances of relapsing much higher. 


Mindfulness is utilized in treatment to help enhance your self-discovery and reduce the effects of stress during treatment. Mindfulness can be practiced through activities such as meditation and yoga. Here at West Coast Recovery Centers, we provide guided meditation, walking meditation, creative art expression, weekly yoga, deep breathing exercises, and sound healing. All of these activities enhance mindfulness for our clients. 

What Are the Benefits of Professional Heroin Addiction Treatment?

There are many benefits to professional help with heroin addiction, such as easing the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and reducing the rate of withdrawal. Professional heroin treatment can also reduce the cravings for heroin, as well as provide comprehensive counseling. In many programs, both group and individual counseling are available for treatment. 

Getting Started With West Coast Recovery Centers

West Recovery Centers offers both detox and treatment for heroin addiction. It’s important to seek out professional help for treatment because it can be very dangerous done alone. Heroin can have many long-term and short-term effects, which is why it is better to start treatment sooner rather than later. Our treatment center is located in California, providing you with stunning views to accompany your time during detox and treatment. 

Struggling with heroin addiction on your own can be extremely difficult and sometimes impossible. It’s vital to seek out professional help for heroin addiction treatment. This is because the withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be severe. Without medications or other forms of treatment during a detox, the relapse rates are much higher. West Coast Recovery Centers prioritizes a detox program and other treatments to ensure recovery from heroin addiction. Reaching out for help when you need it the most can be one of the bravest things to do. There is no reason to suffer in silence. Contact us for help today at (760) 492-6509. We are here to ease your stress and concerns.