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Holistic rehabilitation modalities customized for you

West Coast Recovery Centers in Oceanside, CA provides a comprehensive, gender-responsive rehabilitation treatment experience for substance use disorders in an intimate, personalized environment. Our evidence-based rehab programs are therapeutically driven, with an emphasis on holistic health and healing created to facilitate and fasten change for long-term recovery. Our size enables us to tailor our rehabilitation programs to emphasize and meet our clients specific needs, offering the best therapeutic environment for each individual.

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Multiple rehabilitation locations blocks from the beach



Men’s and women’s coastal residences



Recovery solutions designed to empower

Inspiring and Empowering

Our vision is for all substance use treatment to be a transparent path to lasting, self?-determined recovery.

West Coast Recovery Centers’ location in California inspires and empowers individuals through innovative, traditional, and holistic rehabilitation treatment modalities.

Evidence-Based Rehab

Upon rehabilitation intake, Masters-level clinicians at our California location assess each client?s individual needs, co-occurring diagnoses, treatment history, and history of trauma to determine appropriate therapeutic modalities. Examples include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Individual Recovery Planning, Somatic Experience and Individual, Group and Family Therapy sessions.

Holistic Healing

West Coast Recovery Centers in Oceanside, CA will introduce you to an array of mindfulness and meditation techniques such as: Guided Meditation, Walking Meditation, Mindful Self-Compassion, Sound Healing, Guided Imagery, Deep Breathing Exercises, Yoga, Acupuncture, and Music Therapy.


Support systems are vital to the success of rehabilitation recovery. Our clients are introduced to SMART, Refuge Recovery, and 12-step support groups. These traditional systems, in combination with non-traditional rehab methods, are implemented into a comprehensive and individually tailored recovery plan.


West Coast Recovery Centers’ California-based rehabilitation facility understands the role of identity in addiction recovery. With Trauma-Informed and Theoretically-Backed Gender Responsive Rehab Treatment, we honor your identity.


I am so happy that [they] have opened West Coast Recovery in Oceanside, CA. Their emphasis on mind, body, and spirit gives their clients and families opportunities to experience first-hand innovative approaches to treatment.??

Dr. Louise Stanger?


If I designed a treatment center, it would look just like WCRC ? designed so that a loved one in crisis has the greatest possibility of sustained, successful recovery. More providers should follow their blueprint. I?m grateful to have them as a resource.??

Jenny Rodin?

CIP, Founder of Hope Family Interventions?

I am where I am today because of all the love and care that WCRC showed me while I was under your care. You saved my life and I am grateful for all the success I?ve accomplished within the short year and all of it won?t be possible without you and WCRC. I am currently living in SD and working doing what I love to do.? Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and please continue saving lives.

Ryan Lorilla


I cannot even explain with words the West Coast Recovery experience. After calling?almost every?rehab in San Diego homeless on the streets once again West Coast stood alone with the owner driving into the night to pick up a kid reaching his hand out in desperate need of help, that kid was me. I?ve underwent profound spiritual and psychological breakthroughs now truly seeing my purpose here on this earth.?

Eric. R?


West Coast Recovery Centers are what I look for in a treatment center because they truly embody what it means to advocate for the client AND just as importantly the family of the client…West Coast is in it to win it. They are true warriors in the battle against the status quo of addiction treatment.?

Timothy Harrington?

Chief Empowerment Officer, Sustainable Recovery?

It really astonished me how well each person integrated with the?group as a whole. I fully contribute this ?inclusion? to the staff and their unwavering ability to understand, allow and support all walks of life. I know that each member that works for WCRC is there because they care, because I FEEL it.??



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