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Recovery is a lifelong journey. There is no “correct” or one-size-fits-all path to take, although some treatment programs and recovery options seem to be more effective than others. Sober living residencies are one path to recovery that many people have found beneficial, especially in the initial stages of their recovery. Many people approach sober living residences with hesitancy, as it can be a big change in their lives. However, there are many benefits of sober living residencies that you should consider when evaluating all of the treatment options available to you.

What Is a Sober Living Residence?

A sober living residence (SLR) is a safe, substance-free environment where those in recovery stay full-time. SLRs offer positive, stable environments that allow people to distance themselves from their previous environments and factors that may trigger a relapse. 

Being away from things previously associated with addiction offers people a fresh start in their recovery and the ability to develop healthy, lasting habits. Instead of being surrounded by potential triggers, people are surrounded by individuals enduring a shared experience, which strengthens bonds and overall morale. Additionally, SLRs offer staff that can be there to help 24/7 so you never feel alone on your path to recovery. SLRs also often conduct treatment at the residence, including opportunities for peer group activities, therapy, art lessons, and more. 

How Can an SLR Benefit Me?

Studies have proven that SLRs are effective in establishing and maintaining sobriety in individuals seeking recovery. However, this residential option may not be the most effective or beneficial resource for everyone. The five most common reasons for seeking help at an SLR include:

#1 You’re Just Beginning Your Recovery

SLRs are most effective when people choose to utilize them at the beginning of their recovery process. Immersing yourself in a completely new environment often makes it easier to cope without relying on substances. When you try beginning your process at home, it’s easier to slip into usual habits, including substance abuse. Starting fresh without access to substances can greatly increase your chances of starting your recovery on the right foot and, ultimately, making a full recovery. Additionally, this can allow you to properly distance yourself from any influences in your life that may not be beneficial to your recovery, such as triggering friends or family members. 

#2 You Don’t Have a Strong Support System

One of the many benefits of an SLR is that the support system is built into the residency. In addition to the on-site staff at your disposal, you are also surrounded by individuals who are in your same shoes. Being able to discuss the difficulties of recovery with people who truly understand can be essential in maintaining a positive mental state and cultivating a strong resolve. Additionally, the bonds formed in an SLR often extend even when you’ve left the SLR, thus creating a support system you can take with you. 

#3 You Want Healthier Ways of Coping

An essential part of the recovery process is learning coping strategies that are useful in the real world. While the ultimate goal of an SLR is that you’re able to practice these coping skills beyond your treatment, an SLR also allows you the freedom to learn and practice these skills while still receiving support. If you begin to struggle or have issues implementing these strategies, the team at your SLR will help you get back on the right track. 

#4 You Need a More Holistic Treatment Method

While a variety of treatment methods are available to you outside of an SLR, an SLR often allows for a more holistic treatment because of the convenience of the residence. Professionals can help determine the best treatment option for you, including any combination of things like individual or group therapy, art or music therapy, mindfulness training, and more. Many people find great success in implementing a variety of treatment options, and the most convenient place to do so is often at an SLR. 

#5 You Need Time to Assess Your Needs

Often when people are beginning their recovery, they’re not quite sure what they need. SLRs offer individuals the chance to get away from their old habits and vices and figure out what is best for them. Our professionals are here to help you determine which method is best for your treatment; however, SLRs can also be an ideal place to re-evaluate your priorities and figure out the best path for you. Determining your recovery goals and the pace that’s best suited for you is just as important as any other recovery step. SLRs provide you with the resources you need to make these important decisions. 

Is an SLR Right for Me?

There are many benefits to SLRs, and research has proven their effectiveness in creating healthy habits and lifestyles for those in recovery. However, it does come with a big change in lifestyle. Individuals who choose to stay at an SLR for their recovery should be prepared for this change and the many opportunities that come along with it. Ultimately, only you can decide if an SLR is the right fit for you. If you think a fresh start away from substances will be beneficial to your recovery, a sober living residence may be the best fit for you.

Sober living residences offer a variety of benefits to those seeking recovery. In a substance-free environment, you’ll have the opportunity to start anew and evaluate your goals and plans as you begin your recovery. At West Coast Recovery Centers, our team of professionals is here to help you in a variety of aspects, including determining your specific treatment plan. In addition to having our staff at your disposal 24/7, you’ll have the opportunity to be supported by your peers also seeking recovery, which can lessen the burden of recovery. If a sober living residence sounds like the best fit for you, give our professionals a call today at (760) 492-6509.