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?From a small seed, a mighty tree may grow.?


People build things. It’s what we do; it’s one of our most primal expressions of personal identity. Throughout the history of human civilization, we have grown by building higher and expanding our borders. Those who pursue power over large populations, whether for their own gratification or for the protection of their people, have historically done so by controlling borders; folktales and ancient religious beliefs often focus on towers, castles, and other tall buildings, as a reminder to avoid overextending our reach.

In short, building ? construction ? is how we express and maintain our power as a society. This is also true on a more personal level. Constructive behavior builds confidence, improves self-awareness, and helps to mitigate stress brought on by difficult life circumstances. Positive, forward-thinking behavior is key to the idea of leading a mindful existence. This includes principles such as compassion and kindness, which are frequently a part of traditional psychotherapy. It also includes such approaches as group validation and encouragement.?

The ultimate goal of recovery through empowerment is to gradually establish a new, reality-based perspective for the individual undergoing treatment. Through this perspective, said individual gradually regains their independence. The independence gained is not only from their addiction, and its associated cravings and other withdrawal symptoms, but also from the need for further recovery in itself. While the program may be offered alongside other therapies, some people do find that it is enough on its own to get them back on the road to personal wellness.

West Coast Recovery Centers? Approach to Empowerment

West Coast Recovery Centers maintains an empowerment group which blends traditional western and eastern approaches to addiction treatment and mindful living. Through empowerment, participants in the program progress from group validation to self-validation. This gender responsive treatment is available for both male and female clients, and is one of several programs through which individuals learn to set aside limiting beliefs and focus on a positive, uplifting self-image.?

The group is managed with the ongoing direction and assistance of Renee Kohn, a nationally renowned motivational speaker. Renee’s pioneering technique involves personal transformation, through connections established via shared positive experiences and humor. One could almost look at it as using the same scaffolding by which false belief systems are established, while simultaneously dismantling the scaffolding as the program advances. This treatment, which is frequently coupled with WCRC’s creative expression therapy, combines stress mitigation with the development of an independently positive and uplifting view of one’s own personal capabilities.