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One of the most significant struggles for individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) is avoiding the presence of alcohol. Family gatherings, summer barbecues, and birthday celebrations are all typically accompanied by alcohol. This makes social situations more challenging for those in recovery. That is why finding fun, sober activities to partake in with friends and family is critical to avoiding alcohol consumption and overall substance use. 

You can begin finding and experimenting with many different sober activities today. Begin by asking your peers in a group meeting or contacting professionals from a treatment facility to get their input on what you may try. Finding fun things to do with friends and family throughout your recovery is necessary to maintaining sobriety long-term. Consult with West Coast Recovery Centers to learn more about these activities today. 

The Dangers of Exposure to Alcohol in Early Recovery

Life post-treatment requires many life changes if you hope to maintain long-term recovery. After creating a recovery plan and transitioning out of treatment, you may struggle to find a new place to live, new work, or remove potential triggers from your life. Though challenging, these changes are necessary, but another change you will have to make is removing toxic or triggering people from your life. Hanging out with the same people who drink alcohol or engage in other substance use puts your sobriety at great risk. 

Early alcohol exposure can be particularly dangerous for someone new to recovery. Friends and family may attempt to make your transition smoother by removing alcohol from gathering you may attend. However, the reality is there will come a time when you will have to face a social gathering with alcohol. That time can not be too soon, though. 

Early alcohol exposure can lead you to experience intense cravings and increase the risk of relapse. That is why finding creative ways to avoid alcohol at social gatherings early on can help. 

Creative Ways to Avoid Alcohol at Social Gatherings

The first way to avoid alcohol and drinking at social gatherings is by bringing your own beverage. You can bring a specific soda, mocktail, or sparkling water to avoid the topic of why you are not drinking and avoid people from trying to get you a drink. 

It can also help to have a sober buddy. That may include a peer, friend, or family member who will help you stay sober. Recovery takes a village, and having strength in numbers is critical in situations that may test your limits. 

Early on, you may have to consider avoiding specific social gatherings until you are ready to be in the same room as alcohol without being triggered. This may take a while. However, that is why finding sober activities to plan in the meantime is necessary. 

Why Finding Sober Activities Is Crucial to Recovery

Again, life post-treatment comes with many challenges. Treatment is not just about abstaining from alcohol — it also requires you to make many healthy life changes. That is because the people you connect with, and places you frequented may be heavily associated with alcohol consumption. 

If a significant amount of your time was spent drinking alcohol, it makes sense that you may need new activities to fill your time up now that you are sober. Because boredom can be dangerous for individuals in recovery, you must find ways to fill up your schedule. That includes finding hobbies in addition to sober activities. 

Finding new hobbies and activities will provide you time to learn new skills, make new memories, and connect with peers and friends in a safe, sober environment. But what activities can you experiment with? 

Sober Activities You Can Try Today

In general, all activities free of alcohol and substance use are up for grabs when you are trying to find fun, sober things to do. Consider compiling a list of anything that piques your interest. That includes activities you can do alone or with friends, family, and peers in your support group. 

Once you have compiled your list, start trying things out! You will quickly discover what you enjoy and what you rather not try again. Some fun sober activities you can try to help you abstain from alcohol use include: 

  • Planning a spa day 
  • Hosting a sober movie marathon 
  • Learning a new language 
  • Doing yoga 
  • Reading one new book a week 
  • Taking an art class 
  • Learning an instrument 
  • Going to the gym 
  • Hiking 
  • Learning to cook new dishes 
  • Going to the movies 
  • Hosting a game night 
  • Planning a weekend family getaway 
  • Learning to sew 
  • Doing DIY renovations for fun 

You are going to enjoy some sober activities more than others. However, the ultimate goal of any is to avoid thinking about drinking and relapse. They can also be great opportunities to bond with friends, family, and peers and rediscover who you are free from alcohol. To learn more or seek treatment for AUD, contact West Coast Recovery Centers today. 

It may take some time to get your footing upon leaving treatment. Many struggle to make life changes to help themselves abstain from alcohol consumption. Some of those changes may include cutting ties with people who actively engage in substance use or avoiding social gatherings where alcohol may be present. Of course, part of sobriety is learning to manage triggers and cravings, but alcohol exposure in early recovery can be dangerous. That is why finding fun sober activities to do on your own or with friends and family is crucial to maintain sobriety. You can experiment with some of the activities listed above, and for additional help abstaining from alcohol consumption, call West Coast Recovery Centers at (760) 492-6509 today. 

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